In the kitchen

When interesting recipes come along, it would be shame if I didn´t share it with you.

The first recipe of South African Rusks I wrote in Slovak, as my friend asked me to translate it for her from english. That is actually where I got the idea to start this blog.

In Slovak: Rusks – Juhoafrické sucháre

In English: South African Rusks – great breakfast or snack

Somehow, through that I want my kids to eat little healthier, I started to look for recipes with different ingredients. One of it is a spelt flour that I like to use when baking.

Baking bread and pizza the easy way

Spelt and Rye Quick Bread Rolls

When you have too many older bread rolls and don´t know what to do with them. Try this  recipe.

Ham Feta and Spinach Bake (Strata?)

To continue on Spinach taste, it is nice to combine Spinach and Chicken.

Chicken Spinach Bake

If you are looking for a recipe to teach your 5-year-old or looking for finger food, here is one.

Banana coconut cookies – a great recipe for children to make

Finger Food Ideas (not only) for Children Party