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Once my neighbour told me that she made a baked dish using older bread rolls. I have never seen the recipe but I had many older bread rolls, so I decided to give it a try.

Here is what I came out with and it tasted really great.


4-5 bread rolls

0,5l sour milk (or sour cream/plain yogurt mixed with bit of milk)

1 pack of frozen spinach – about 400-500g

250 gouda cheese – grated

200g feta cheese

300g ham – sliced

5 eggs

0,1 l milk



Slice bread rolls into circles, moisture them with little bit of milk and place them in baking tray.

Feta cheese cut into small pieces and put on top of the bread rolls.

Defrosted spinach squeeze dry and mix with 0,1 l sour milk and 1 egg. Poor it over the bread and feta cheese. Move it a little with fork to allow it to spread around the rolls equally.

Cut the ham slices in small squares and place on top of spinach layer.

Mix 0,4l sour milk, grated gouda cheese, 4 eggs and salt in bowl and pour over the other layers. Move it a little with fork to allow it to go down to lower layers as well.

Bake on 180°C for about 25 minutes. The bake is ready when slighly brown on top.


Bon appétit.