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When we moved to a new house our rooms had many empty walls. And I kept thinking what pictures or art to put up so it is pretty and makes one smile at the same time. We had already some African art from the previous place and I added some family pictures… but none of it was what I would want to put on the walls of our small bathroom. So I kept searching and looking around.

At the first, I saw two pretty metal boards in one shop in Bratislava and instantly bought them. One was actually a calendar that I really liked. With two small magnets you can set any date you want, so no need to change the calendar ever 🙂


From then on, I was looking for some more boards that would fit the theme. And when traveling in South-Africa and visiting family and friends, I finally find one more board that I just had to have. I had a Quote written by John Lennon: “Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not ok, it´s not the end.” In fact I read this quote few months before and thought: “This is so true…”

wp-1486388842145.jpgAnd then there was the last empty place on the wall. I found one more quote that I liked: “This is my happy place.” But I didn´t like that it would just hang there.  So I got an idea to make the board myself. I bought small black square magnetic board and fridge word magnets. At the end it all came nicely together: I have my board, I have the quote, and anyone who comes to visit can play a little word game in the bathroom 🙂