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Nearly four years ago, my husband and I fell in love with an unfinished house in a small village. After finalizing the house, we eventually got to the stage when we could start playing with decorating the garden as well.

There was lots of river stones, other small stone and some paving blocks left from construction of the house. We decided to make them useful.

In the front garden that is really tiny, we needed even a smaller path to pass through there. So we combined the paving blocks and stones and there it was. The kids love it and our dog too 🙂

Then, my husband had a dream to have a fire pit, so we cut out grass in perfect circle. We made the side wall of the fire pit out of paving blocks and filled inside of it with small stone. It works just fine.

In the back at the wall you can see that we’ve placed the rest of the river stones around the plants. It has lightened up the previously boring corner of the garden instantly.

And so we have where to cut the fire wood we got a tree trunk. We placed it in the ground deep enough so it doesn’t move, and we put a drainage mat (originally used for foundation waterproofing of the house) around it and fine stone below to prevent or unless to slow down the decomposition process. The tree trunk as well makes a perfect seat when sitting at fire, or just chilling in garden and watching the kids to play.